happy 15th 23rd birthday my adorable puffball, Arioka Daiki ♡

stay cute, young, cheerful, friendly and talkative and yeah you have quite alot of good points okay, hope you can grow a little more if you want /laughs/ (although i think you are fine the way you are), all the best with your career and life bby!

Translation: TV Life April 9th 2014: Yamada Ryosuke JUMP with YOU


Here’s Ryosuke’s latest TV Life interview! He talks about paragliding on School Kakumei, the upcoming concerts, what he’s been buying recently, and he also leaves a message for Yuya!

On “School Kakumei“‘s annual location shoot, Yama-chan had a horrifying experience. But staying there for the first time seemed really fun~. And, Yamada’s house is a place for the members to hang out now?!

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